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We all know that music is powerful. It has the ability to stir up memories and emotions. Our fun Memory Loves Music program offers a great way to take advantage of this! Additionally, our music for dementia patients is customized for your memory community.

Our music session for seniors leverages research into music and brain function. It indicates that music triggers certain networks of the brain that benefit people who have difficulty with language, cognition, or motor control.

The Steadfast Memory Loves Music program is an effective combination of Memory, Motion and Music. One of our community initiatives complimentary to your senior and memory communities here in Northern Virginia.

What Should You Expect in your Memory, Motion and Music Session?

Music: Our compilation of fun music is across exciting genres and decades. Our playlist includes popular music from the seniors’  prime years!

Memory: Learning and remembering new dance steps helps to activate many neural pathways in the brain. This helps to keep it active, strong and healthy!

Motion: We keep the juices flowing! Incorporating appropriate movement and dance for your community members. We can have seated or standing dance movements.

Sing-Alongs: We incorporate singalongs into our program so that seniors who struggle to move can still enjoy music and might even sing along with it.  The right music can completely change a person’s mood – turning a bad day into a great one!

Drum-Alongs: We love our drum circle drum-alongs!  We use actual or makeshift drums to keep in time with music. This works great for people with dementia, as they typically retain a rhythmic instinct.

music therapy for dementia patients mclean fairfax

Music Activities for Dementia Patients

Our Music Activities for Dementia patients can give individuals living with dementia a break from confusion and fear. Some people can no longer remember their loved ones, but they still know all the words to their favorite songs. Our team has found it so heartwarming to see faces light up at a familiar and popular song from their past!

The Objectives of our Memory, Motion & Music  for Dementia Patients

Our fun music sessions for seniors in Fairfax county and surroundings, are designed to comfort, entertain and positively influence the lives of residents in long term care.

We aim to:

  • Alleviate isolation and withdrawal
  • Improve social behavior
  • Enhance communication
  • Entertain and comfort
  • Diminish agitation
  • Awaken special memories associated with happy phases of life
  • Improve mood
  • Soothe feelings of sadness and sorrow (which may be felt deeply but unexpressed)
Memory Motion Music Activity Program Mclean Alexandria

Who can benefit from our Memory Loves Music Activity Session?

  • Physically frail elderly clients who are functionally dependent
  • People living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of Dementia
  • People with Aphasia and Agnosia disorders
  • People with perceived or real lack of autonomy
  • People living with chronic illnesses: cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s
  • People suffering from stress, anxiety, and/or depression

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